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We want your pictures.


Seniors: this is your yearbook! We want to make sure your best memories are in the yearbook. Upload your senior pictures, or talk to your senior picture studio about getting your best shots to us for the senior section. Senior pictures are due by October 15th.

We want to showcase our athletes. We know there are many parents and friends who are on the sidelines with nice cameras getting amazing action shots. Also, if you know of parents, coaches or others who are taking game pictures, please let us know.

There are so many things happening on and off campus. If you are in a band, a play, a performance, especially in an off-campus event that we might not know about, we want pictures of those events. We want to highlight all of our students' special activities!


We want all of our clubs, and the great work they do, in our book. If you have important events or meetings in your club, as well as activities that highlight your club members, let us know, or send us your pictures.


We don't often think about class projects in the yearbook, but some of the best stuff happening this year are projects or presentations in your classes. Teachers and coaches are urged to share that fun stuff!


We want to make sure the yearbook captures your year, your life! Send us pictures of you, your friends, and your classmates doing fun and interesting things, at school and out on the town. You may end up in the yearbook!

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